Two York County Residents Starting a Podcast on the Murdaugh Murders are Getting National Attention




YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – It’s a crime mystery that has captivated the attention of not only South Carolinians, but people across the nation – the Murdaugh family murders and mystery. Podcasters right here in York County are getting some national attention of their own for their crime podcast series on Murdaugh family and cases.

It’s a story of power, murder, and a lot of mystery that’s captivated South Carolina and the nation. The story of the Murdaugh murders continues to gain attention and so is a podcast, “The Murdaugh Family Murders Impacts of Influence”, recorded in Tega Cay. Co-Host Matt Harris and Seton Tucker began the podcast in June of this year. The hosts say they wanted to represent the town of Hampton where the murders are believed to have happened and South Carolina fairly.

Co-host Matt Harris says, “We’re trying to be very careful, to present both sides fairly. Not rushing to judgment on a lot of things. Seton went to high school down in the low country, our family lives in Charleston. We just wanted to make sure, well we try to make sure that we aren’t mocking people and that we want to make sure that there is eventually justice for those lives that have been lost.”

The podcast has grown downloads of more than 1 million since its co-host started this podcast and they say they will continue to follow this case very closely.

Harris says, “There’s a lot of court appearances, there’s a lot of people who are going to have to either…I mean they might try to stay silent, but I think a lot of things are gonna start to fall and a lot of people are going to be revealed to be not who we thought they were.”

Harris says he never imagined the podcast would become so popular. The show has interviewed attorneys, journalists, law enforcement and more. The show’s producer and Crown Town Records owner, Duane Dyer, says it’s been a unique project to be a part of.

“And the first day they came in and they started talking about this thing, I mean I’m so attentive at every recording sometimes I miss to hit pause or whatever, I mean I’m trying to get into the story with them. I want to ask them questions, you know what I mean? It’s really interesting,” says Dyer.

The show has aired 20 episodes, releasing at least one per week. Hosts say they will continue with the goal of seeking justice.

“We just try to make sure we present things with an even hand and hopefully keep the story alive so it just doesn’t fade and people don’t get justice,” says Harris.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the podcast host and production about the project.

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