Tubers rescued from Catawba River in Great Falls

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Three people, including a young teen were rescued by fire responders after spending all night outdoors after the current pulled them down the Catawba River in Great Falls while they were tubing.

Chester County Emergency Management officials say a woman and her son, along with another woman decided to go tubing on the Long Bypass in Great Falls around 6 PM on Wednesday, July 5th.  Officials say the current washed the three down the river, the boy was knocked off his tube and hung on to a tree, while the two ladies were swept down the river.

The boy was able to stay in the water all night and Thursday morning swam for help.

Keisha Wilson called CN2 News to say she and her family spotted the boy and called 911 for help.

When first responders were notified about the missing women, teams began sending out swift water first responders to find them. Drones from Chester and Lancaster Counties were deployed, and the women were found on an island.

Both suffered from scratches and bruises but should be okay. They were checked out by EMS, and one was transported to MUSC-Lancaster for precaution.

Several agencies responded including Chester County’s Emergency Management, Chester County Swift Water team, Chester County Fire, Fort Lawn Fire, Great Falls Fire, Chester and Lancaster EMS, Lancaster Swift Water team, and Lancaster Emergency Management.

Officials say the women were found within 45 minutes of receiving the call and they are lucky.

Ed Darby, Emergency Management Director says first responders strong discourage tubing on the Great Falls Whitewater recreation.

Darby adds he is proud of all of the first responders who worked together closely to rescue everyone quickly and safely.

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