Talks Surrounding A Football City USA Painting In Rock Hill, Here’s What We Know So Far

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Nearly 33 football players out of Rock Hill have made their way into the NFL.

Since Rock Hill has been deemed Football City USA, York County Council Member Bump Roddey has a unique way to highlight such athletic achievements.

This week during the York County Council meeting, Bump Roddey presented to council to have Football City USA painted on the Norfolk Southern railroad bridge in Rock Hill.

He’s asking that a study worth $5,000 be done to look at the timeline of the project, renditions and more of the specifics.

In the video above, you’ll see a picture of what the sign could look like.

He says the county staff did this for him a couple of years ago.

Roddey says he spoke with the city of Rock Hill who verbally mentioned splitting the cost between the county.

Some council members say Rock Hill should agree to pay and some say there are not enough details as far as requirements from the railroad company and SC DOT.

Others spoke on the need for a written statement from the city of Rock Hill agreeing to pay their part.

Roddey says having the sign doesn’t just honor NFL stars or players on the field, but also parents, high school football teams, leagues of all levels, coaches, trainers, band members and anyone who puts their time and effort into the sport.

“This will be another destination that once people visit Rock Hill, they are going to go by and look at this thing, they are going to take pictures of it and it’s just another way to keep our name in front of visitors who may be looking to come to Rock Hill or another monument that they can stop by and visit once they’re here,” Roddey said.

Council did approve the city of Rock Hill formally agreeing to pay half the study and half the cost of the project.

Roddey adds the council in the past has given millions to other projects. He doesn’t believe council should play territorial boundaries on every deal that comes through.

His vision is to have both the city and county logo on the painting.

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