Stonewall Books In Lancaster Preparing To Celebrate One Year In Business

LANCASTER, S.C. — Stonewall Books in Lancaster is preparing to celebrate one year in business.

Stonewall Books opened to serve the community and bring it together downtown in the heart of the city.

As Lancaster County’s only bookstore, owner Mary Richardson says community success comes from within as she uses her store to promote local small businesses.

She believes that is one of the many things that sets her apart. Richardson says she’s enjoyed getting to know the people of Lancaster County and the surrounding areas better.

“Everybody needs an escape,” Richardson said. “They can come in here with the anxiety, with the jobs, with whatever. They come in here, meet local people and a lot of times when you come in here, I do have a whole group of people, 10 people max of course, but we’re talking, we’re talking books and suggestion book clubs and everything. But having these books, it is an escape it is a place to go to when you have nowhere else to go.”

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to be lifted, the owner says she’s happy to have re-opened saying books are a great cure for boredom.

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