Stay Local at Healthy at Bush n Vine Farm!

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) During this time Bush n Vine Farm in York County says it is keeping up with the demand for fresh fruit as shelves at some grocery stores are low because of COVID-19.  Owners say they even opened their Rock Hill stand early to provide more produce to the community.

“We are on an early schedule so far this year, about 30 days a head of schedule. I think its to everyone’s benefit to get fresh fruit,” said one for the farm’s owners Sam Hall, I think we need it more than anything.”

Sam adds his team is doing everything possible keep their employees and customers safe with the threat of COVID-19.

“They are washing their hands like they always do. Always pick with gloves on. We are just reiterating those things we were already doing.”

The early strawberry season and the demand for fresh produce being the reasons Bush n Vine Farm opened the Rock Hill stand three weeks early.

“The strawberries are really important,” said employee Jody Standifer, “they are flying off the shelves.”

Bush and Vine Farm is open to the public and so is the Rock Hill Stand.  Visit Bush n Vine Farm on Facebook for more details.

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