Severe Weather: Flooding Across Fort Mill, Rock Hill

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — It’s been a gloomy Thursday as heavy rain has brought significant water rushing to our viewing area.

And it didn’t come without roadways blocked and sunken cars and homes.

As for now, crews are working to reopen roads and restore power.

Those at York County Emergency Management say last night’s rain, wasn’t as much as they expected. But this morning, that’s a whole different story.

“We’re still waiting to hear how much rain we got, but some areas of the county saw a lot of rain in a very short amount of time and that caused some localized flooding, some homes have been flooded, some folks in cars have been flooded out and rescues had to take place to take care of that,” said Emergency Management Director Chuck Haynes.

CN2 took a drive to the Regent Park area in Fort Mill and Dave Lyle at Chamberside Drive in Rock Hill near I-77 that were completely flooded.

Dave Lyle was closed for hours, but has since reopened. But even though the rain has passed through York County…

“It’s raining to the north of us and that water is going to drain down, so we still may see creeks rise and ditches rise as that water comes to us,” Haynes said. “The Lake Wylie dam has been opened so that water is going to come up and that is to get rid of that water to the north of us.”

Crews from all different agencies are out surveying the damage to warn those, for example, near the Catawba River where water could rise.

“Avoid water, if you see standing water, see running water, avoid it all together,” Haynes said. “Don’t get in it and don’t drive through it. You don’t know what’s under it and it might be energized from a downed power line and that could jeopardize your health.”

We’re told by York County Emergency Management there were roughly 10 flooded related calls in the area.

Rock Hill Police say they had five car accidents. None with serious injuries.

Looking ahead, Haynes is asking people to avoid high streams and rivers tomorrow and if you see any car damage or anyone in danger, call 911.

The city of Rock Hill says its canoe and kayak launch spots are closed until further notice.
Most roads that were shutdown have now been reopened.

In the video above, CN2’s Sarah Obeid shows what some of the flooding looks like in parts of Rock Hill and Fort Mill.

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