Settlement Approved on Failed Panthers HQ Property – RH Mayor Speaks Out

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Rock Hill Mayor John Gettys sits down with CN2’s Laurabree Monday to bring everyone up to speed on the settlement agreement with the David Tepper entities.

The deal was signed off in a Delaware bankruptcy court on this Friday. In short, York County would get back more than $21 million dollars. $60 Million will go to contractors and the City of Rock Hill will get the property. The Mayor explains that asset will appreciate in value and when the city sells it off, it will see the return of the $20 million its owed and possibly more.

This of course is all related back to the failed Panthers headquarters property that was supposed to be built in Rock Hill.

Click for full sit-down interview with Mayor Gettys.

As for the county giving a response to the settlement approval. They say they don’t have any additional comment from what was shared when the settlement agreement was reached. They do add, “that money that’s being returned will be put back into Pennies For Progress for the Mt. Gallant Road project we originally planned, which was to make it a three-lane road.”

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