Roco Roasting Company Stays Dedicated To Employees Despite Having To Close

ROCK HILL, S.C. — It’s no surprise small businesses, including restaurants, are facing tough times because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But one restaurant owner in Rock Hill did everything he could to keep his staff around as long as possible before fully closing.

Owner Mitch Grant with Roco Roasting Company says once COVID-19 is over, he’s ready to bring back his employees with open arms.

“It’s been devastating,” Grant said. “It took us about a week to finally realize that we needed to close, never had a panic attack before, but for about two hours on Friday the 20th when I was considered closing, I was having a hard time breathing, couldn’t form sentences, and my heart was racing.”

“I think Roasting Company and all of its employees are really strong-hearted and we all love where we work and I think that the reason that we stay by him is because he’s an incredible leader and we love him very much,” an employee said.

In the video above, CN2’s Sarah Obeid brings us our latest CN2 Hometown Tourist.

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