Rock Hill City Council Passes the First Reading of An Ordinance That Would Help Develop the Southside of the City



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Rock Hill City Council passing an ordinance 6 to 1 — establishing the Southside Redevelopment Plan which includes the Clinton ConNEXTion as a redevelopment project area.

That plan proposing a Tax Increment District or TIF, that would collect $225 million, the city is also looking for the support of the school district and York County moving forward.

Rock Hill City Council passing the first reading of an ordinance for the Southside Redevelopment Project Area 6 to 1, at Monday’s council meeting.

Rock Hill’s Mayor John Gettys says, “I whole heartedly support the motion that we continue to discuss this and come up with an agreement that makes sure that all the people of Rock Hill get to see the benefits of all of Rock Hill.”

Councilwoman Nikita Jackson, who represents the community that would be redeveloped on the Southside and apart of the Clinton ConNEXTion Action Plan, speaking about the patience that community has shown and why now is their time.

“We’re looking at the TIF as a means to fund this southside development because, we know that the TIF has worked in the past for other areas of the City of Rock Hill,” says Ward 5’s Jackson.

Other council members voicing their support for the project but continuing to raise some concerns after hearing from citizens during a public hearing.

Ward 2 Councilwoman Kathy Pender says, “The conversation needs to continue obviously — but in my time, which I hate to say is about 30 years now, there have been a number of TIFs. I’ve seen them on the school board side and now several on the city, they’re never easy.”

Ward 3 Councilman Kevin Sutton says, “One of my biggest concerns is the responsibility that we have to use TIFs in the way that they were intended.”

Councilman for Ward 6, Jim Reno, says, ” The nature of this one being very different, there’s more public misperception on certain issues than I recall on any of the other TIFs which raises concerns that we need to go about this in a very pragmatic manner.”

Councilman John A. Black III, of Ward 4, says, “I understand with the plan, I get it, there’s needs there — but, as Councilman Sutton and Reno pointed out, there are some very big questions about the actual working of the TIF and I have some concerns over the funding and the bonding on it.”

Many of those concerns surrounding the legality of the proposed TIF, others wanting more support from York County and the Rock Hill School District. Councilman Derrick Lindsay proposing that council take more time to negotiate and develop more details.

Ward 1 Councilman Derrick Lindsay says, “We can approve it now for first reading, but delay second reading until we have time to talk with them and I always say work the devil out of the details.”

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is hearing from council members about their thoughts.

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