Lancaster County Democratic Party Holds Town Hall Ahead Of 2020 Primaries

Q: How progressive is your candidate’s policy on healthcare? If it is a single payer healthcare plan, what is the candidate’s solution for the 530,000 healthcare insurance employees which will become unemployed?

LANCASTER, S.C. — We’re just a little over a week away from the 2020 Democratic Primaries and campaigns are on the move.

The Lancaster County Democratic Party recently held a town hall at the Barr Street Learning Center Auditorium in Lancaster to energize voters and community members for election season.

Five surrogates – representing presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Senator Liz Warren, US Rep Tulsi Gabbard and Former VP Joe Biden – all answered questions concerning healthcare, education and gun violence.

Members with the NAACP asked the questions and gave each representative two minutes to respond.

The surrogates also responded with how their presidential candidate might impact the Lancaster area.

The Lancaster Democratic Party’s main message to event-goers – get out and vote.

Here are the names of each of the representatives.

Carrisa Smith
National Women Voters Director for VP Joe Biden

Pamela Mefferd
Midlands Volunteer Director for US Rep Tulsi Gabbard

Ivory Thigpen
District 79 Richland County, state co-chair for Bernie Sanders campaign

Russell Ott
District 93 Calhoun County for Tom Steyer

Jeff Livingston
Senator Liz Warren

In the video above, watch the unedited version of what each panelist says it presidential candidate stands for when it comes to healthcare.




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