Joe Biden Selects US Senator Kamala Harris As Running Mate

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — Presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden has selected US Senator Kamala Harris as his vice president candidate.

We’re looking back at Harris’ trip to the Palmetto State.

Harris has a strong base in South Carolina. Last April, she visited Winthrop University when she was running for president.

The senator is the first black woman on a major party ticket.

Leaders with the York County Democratic Party say she left positive impressions among women, young people, the black community and many others.

As our country continues to fight racism, Senator Harris believes as a black woman and someone who has lived through racism, she can establish inclusion, police reform and representation of all Americans.

And although Harris was once competing against Biden for presidency, Democratic Party leaders say now they’re a team with real life and governmental experience.

“Her first role as as Biden’s running mate is to help people understand that it wasn’t always chaotic like this,” said John Kraljevich, York County Democratic Party Chair. “It wasn’t always a constant state of emergency like this and that together with their experience, they can bring back, some level of, using Warren Harding’s term from 1920, normalcy.”

The York County Democratic Party says Biden choosing Harris will increase enthusiasm and turnout here in York County.

The York County Republican Party says “Joe Biden picking far-left radical Kamala Harris as his running mate proves how out-of-touch he is with South Carolina values.”

In addition to voting in person, you can also vote absentee here in South Carolina in this year’s general election. Reach out to your county’s voter registration office to request a ballot.