High School Football Week 6 Digital Scoreboard

Once again, COVID-19 has proved to be this season’s toughest opponent for high school athletics. Clover was forced to sit out two weeks due to the Gaffney football program having positive COVID cases. The Blue Eagles will take the field again on November 6th.  Also, Legion Collegiate Academy did not take on Great Falls tonight due to COVID issues.

Northwestern 26– CN2 Sports Coverage 
Spring Valley 7 

Dutch Fork 28 – CN2 Game of the Week 
South Pointe 7

Blythewood 30
Rock Hill 15

Catawba Ridge 40
Fort Mill 21

Nation Ford 37
Indian Land 34, (OT)

Chester 57
Lower Richland 50

Lewisville 41 
East Clarendon 34

Tune into CN2 Sports on Monday to watch highlights from the South Pointe vs. York football game. Plus, you’ll hear from York Football Head coach, Dean Boyd.

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