Grab Your Skates! Kate’s Skating Rink In Rock Hill Is Reopening, Here’s What You Can Expect

ROCK HILL, S.C. — People have been waiting anxiously to get rolling again at Kate’s Skating Rink in Rock Hill.

After closing down for more than two months for COVID-19, Kate’s, which has been around for more 40 years, is finally back open.

Kate’s Skating staff says they will only allow so many people through the door at a time.

They’ve placed tape along the floors and signs around the rink to keep folks following the 6-foot distance.

They’re also setting up sanitization stations for guests and wiping down tables and skates after each use.

Staff says the arcade will be closed off, as well as the water fountains.

Food will be picked up in a certain area. Employees wearing gloves will hand guests silverware.

Kate’s employees will wear masks and can provide them to guests who ask for one.

The DJ will announce to skaters every five minutes to practice social distancing and other guidelines.

“It’s not our regular routine. Everybody is having to change, so I just want people to know that there will be maybe wait times longer than usual,” said Laura Davis, Kate’s Skating Rink manager. “Just be please be patient. We aren’t trying to make it uncomfortable or not have a good time. But we’re just trying to keep everybody safe.”

“My biggest concern is that the team will shrink,” said Skating Coach Chris Castorina. “People, especially newer people that have only been skating for four or five months and now they’ve missed three months, aren’t going to come back.”

That’s Chris Castorina, a coach with Speed Team, a new program at Kate’s that gives people ages 3 to 27 a chance to compete under USA Roller Sports.

He adds he’ concerned COVID-19 will shrink the sport.

Kate’s Skating Rink is open regular hours at night. To skate during the day, call ahead.


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