Developers Have Their Sights Set on a New Community Concept in Rock Hill




ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Developers say this York County site is a hole-in-one and the perfect spot for a new development. Indigo Rush Developers are hoping Rock Hill’s Pinetuck Golf course will soon be home to a new mixed-use development, Kettlesong.

Developers are hoping this more than 560 acre site will soon be home to the Kettlesong Community. A community that would hold more than 1,500 mixed-income homes, new businesses, recreational spaces and more.

Nik Radovanovic, Indigo Rush Co-Founder, says, “Now is the time because we all know that development is coming in this direction. So, if you walked around here you may be forgiven for saying gosh there’s nothing here right now but there will be and the time to position ourselves to die that development is right now.”

The development will be broken into three phases, expanding over the next 15 years or more. Leaders saying most developments coming to the area are just housing communities and they had a larger vision for a village.

Indigo Rush Co-Founder Craig Craze, says,  “And so I proactively began talking to property owners and buying land around here just as a means of kind of pausing that development from happening until we could create a vision for what I thought it could be something that would elevate not just this area but the entire area and that vision is Kettlesong.”

The golf course will be transformed into this new development getting its name from community or kettle and South Carolina’s state bird. Among the first thing to be developed out here as a second location for a York Preparatory Academy which leaders are saying will be a new way for students to learn.

York Preparatory Academy’s Brian Myrup saying, “Kindergartners through eighth grade will be attending this new school once it opens and really what it means as far as his screen time and things like that — the idea for nature-based education kind of comes from a number of schools around this country but also in Europe where they do “forest kindergartens” and things like that. Imagine if you will learning to count by counting things in nature.”

Students will learn outside the classroom in natural environments like ponds, gardens and more. This $40 million project is being funded through the USDA and community partners. Leaders saying it’s a great way for students to engage with the environment around them and take up new interest. Indigo Rush leaders say they’re keeping the entire community in mind with this project.

“So I had a not only a plan for Kettlesong but I plan for the larger area we can help curtail some of those things and do a great job looking into the future and creating something for generations to come,” says Craze.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the developments leaders about what these plans will bring to the community.

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