Couple Finds a Unique Way to Celebrate Their 51st Wedding Anniversary Amid the Pandemic



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) One area couple isn’t letting COVID-19 stop them from celebrating their love. The Leotta’s are celebrating 51 years together in a special way.

And that’s been true for Gus and Rachel Leotta. Gus has continuously visited Rachel through the pandemic at HarborChase Riverwalk. And the couples 51st wedding anniversary was no exception the couple shared a special dinner.

“Oh my God it was wonderful first of all I didn’t even know I was gonna put on a tuxedo I just decided to do it, didn’t tell anybody. I was so impressed how it was done here,” says Gus Leotta.

Rachel Leotta has been living with Alzheimer’s for over 10 years. Gus says he wants to celebrate every milestone they have left.

“My wife was at another facility and I wasn’t able to visit as much as I wanted to. I think it’s a love and intention is important,” says Gus. “Are used to spend four hours with my wife at another facility every day I love my wife. Or else I wouldn’t do it.”

So after 51 years – you might be wondering, what’s kept this couples romance alive for so long?

“My wife is always right except when she’s left. But I think laughing and doing things together, but more importantly is communication,” says Gus.

GUS “I’ve had a wonderful life, I’ve done many things and it’s all about people. And realizing that no person is better than another person. I think my wife thinks the same way and that’show come we’ve had such a long marriage,” says Gus.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the couple about their bond – that’s lasted more than half a century.