CN2 Digital Dashboard – Lancaster Traffic Advisory

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Officers say they have received numerous traffic complaints about speeding near USC-Lancaster.

To help with the traffic issues and to make the community safer, Lancaster Police officers will be conducting Traffic Safety Checkpoints in the area of Hubbard Drive and Wilson Drive.

Officers will be checking for driver’s licenses, seat belt usage, and making sure drivers have the appropriate driving credentials.

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Lancaster Fire Department had three days of training for water rescue at Wylie Street Pool.

First responders using the controlled environment to refresh on life saving techniques that can be used not only in swimming pools, but also in a wide range of circumstances such as rivers and other bodies of water.

CN2’s Digital Dashboard is brought to you by Wilson, drive just a few more exits.

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