CN2 Business Spotlight – Clover Skate Shop pushes for Skate Parks in the region

CLOVER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – We are rolling into the world of skateboarding, as a new skate shop in Clover is not just serving the skating community, but also pushing for the creation of skate parks and skate-friendly areas in the region.

It’s Wheels Up in tonight’s CN2’s Business Spotlight.

Located on 518 South Main Street in Clover, Textile Skate Shop offers a wide range of skating apparel and accessories.

Besides the physical store Will Stout, owner of Textile Skate Shop, has been holding pop up skating events across Clover to give skaters a place to skate.

Stout has also been pushing for a skate park to come to Clover area and after speaking with the Town Council has been told they need to see a want for this before they can began rolling in that direction.

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