York County Council Meeting – Budget talks, Library board, Election cycle & More

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – There is a lot of ground to cover from a nearly five hour long York County Council meeting.

During the Tuesday, June 20th meeting, the council passed the County’s budget.

A big discussion with the budget had to do with a $60,000 stipend for York County Volunteer Firefighters, in order to help them with transportation, food and other costs when they are on a call, since the volunteers are not paid.

It is a topic that got heated at times, but in the end the stipend did pass and is included in the budget.

Also, Another hot topic during that York County Council Meeting was the discussion on reducing the York County Library Board from 10 members to 7 members.

During the second reading, the council voted in favor of reducing the York County Library board to 7 members who are appointed by council.

Plus, York County Council took a look at an ordinance that could streamline Elections, mainly between Rock Hill and York County.

The City holds its elections typically in October, and there has been a push on York County’s part to move Rock Hill’s elections to the same time as the general election in November, since leaders say most of the same machines, poll workers and other resources are used.

The 3rd reading of the ordinance was deferred until a September council meeting.

See those topics covered and more.

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