SC Schools To Remain Closed For Rest Of Year, Governor Says

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Governor Henry McMaster announced that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year.

McMaster says the mandate will encourage school districts and parents to find imaginative ways to hold graduation ceremonies. It also allows flexibility for districts and superintendents to work on special needs programs and summer reading camps.

Molly Spearman – State Superintendent of Education…

Spearman says the governor made the right decision to keep schools closed.

She says schools are the backbone of the community and everyone hurts when students aren’t in school learning and growing.

Spearman adds buildings are closed, but instruction will continue at home.

The superintendent says districts will have flexibility for how they handle these last few weeks. She said she’s received lots of comments from seniors about graduation. She said they deserve a ceremony in the best way it can be done.

“Seniors, I’ve heard from you. I can tell you your district leaders have sent us some very creative ideas of how they’re planning on handling graduation, and we want those to go out,” Spearman sad.

Superintendent Spearman says they’ve prepared and delivered about 5 million meals to students. She says the plan is to continue that.

“The digital divide in South Carolina has become very apparent,” she said. “Some have relied totally on pencil and paper. We have seen that divide speak out.”

Spearman says distance learning has been a struggle in places with little internet access. She says the ‘Accelerate South Carolina’ program should address that. Spearman says Wi-Fi equipped buses have helped.

Spearman says she will soon announce a task force to help organize how they will carry out school in August. “It’s been sad to see schools closed, but it’s been a joy to see how everyone has pulled together and worked together for the good of our children.”



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