Nearly 100 Year Old Veteran & Others Honored with Quilts of Valor

CHESTER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Statistics show around 350,000 women served in our nation’s military during World War Two.

One of those veterans who just happens to be turning 100 years old in just 4 days.

She’s being celebrated in Chester County along with several other men and women who served.

Barbara Carolina May Alderson is a United States Navy Veteran.

She along with 13 other veterans were awarded a hand made quilt from the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

Alderson served as a Registered Nurse and was assigned to the Naval Hospitals in New York City beginning in 1945.

Leaders say although she never saw combat, she was touched by war in treating the thousands of veterans coming home during World War ll.

Along with a quilt she was was presented with cards from all over the United State wishing her a happy birthday, as well as the WWII Museum in New Orleans sent a certificate; the Military Women’s Memorial in Washington, DC will present her with a special certificate, Congressional Representatives, Senators and Governors have sent letters and proclamations.

Alderson’s sister is 101 years old and also served!

Barbara is still very active and loves to bowl. She says she’s thankful for this veterans day and explains what has kept her going so long.

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