Motor March: Educational Groups, Teachers Rally For Virtual Learning Following Governor McMaster’s Announcement

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Aleast one district, Rock Hill already saying it’s taking the gamble.

It’s going to push it’s current plans up to the state level and hope they get approved as is.

You likely remember the governor is pushing for 5 days of face to face learning. Rock Hill Schools plan brought students back every other day.

The Rock Hill Schools Board of Trustees held a special called meeting last Thursday evening to discuss school reopening plans.

It voted to continue with the district’s current return to school plan.

In addition to the alternate days, families can also opt for the 100 percent virtual option as part of the Rock Hill Schools Virtual Academy. You can go online to apply.

They did go with the governor on his recommendation to push back the start date for all students to Tuesday, Sept. 8th. It was originally Monday, August 17th.

The comprehensive plan will be posted online next week. Other schools in our area have not said yet what they plan to do exactly given the governors latest announcement.

We did put out a poll on our Facebook page and with more than 1,600 people casting votes more then half said given the governor’s choices, more than half would stick with virtual learning.

During the special called meeting, teachers, parents and educational leaders rallied in front of the district building hoping the board would make the decision it did.

But, they did it in a unique way.

The rally, called a Motor March, was hosted by SC for Ed, an educational advocacy group.

In the video above, CN2’s Sarah Obeid was at the rally speaking with teachers who are very frustrated with the governor’s latest announcement.

She’ll tell us more behind the slogan, “virtual until safe” and what options these folks would like to see for the next school year.

SC For Ed also says it plans to hold a week of action starting July 27th and a statewide movement to keep pushing “virtual but safe”.


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