Family of Good Samaritan Gets Much Needed Surprise on Wheels

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C . (CN2 NEWS) – Its been about 4 months since a woman who was a mother, grandmother and wife was brutally killed in Chester county.

Authorities say she was being a good Samaritan and picked up two hitch hikers who then killed her and stole her vehicle.

This tragedy not only left a husband without his wife of more than 40 years but it also left him without a vehicle because theirs became evidence in the case.

That changed this week thanks to community members coming together.

For Vernon Robinson of Fairfield County, the last four months have been anything but easy.

“I’ve been lost without her”, says Vernon.

Vernon lost his wife, Linda Robinson in August. She was being the good person everyone remembers her as, by helping two people with a ride on her way to Wal-Mart in Chester.

Those two, George Faile and Amber Harris – deputies say killed Linda, dumped her body on the side of a Chester county road and stole her van. The two were arrested shortly after and charged with murder according to Chester County Sheriff officials.

The Robinson’s van was taken in for evidence, leaving Vernon without a vehicle of his own.

“it was placed on my heart to help this family out to the best of my ability”, says Diane Watson.

Sergeant Diane Watson, victim’s advocate with the Chester County’s Sheriff’s Office heard about the need and got to work.

“I said you know what I’m going to see what I can do”, says Watson.

That’s when she got in contact with the Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation outside of Charleston about a month ago.

“We get cars donated to us. Once the cars are donated to us we work on them and then try to find the right recipients to donate them to”, says Eliot Middleton.

And today after a lot of hard work, a ray of hope arrived on 4 wheels in the middle of Vernon’s heartache.

“That’s your vehicle right there. A 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer”, says Middleton.

“In front of the building that the two perpetrators are being held in that committed this crime, Mr. Robinson was presented the keys to his new vehicle. Nothing will take away the pain that he and his family are experiencing but I hope this will help him get around a little better”, says Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey.

Faile and Harris remain behind bars in Chester County. No court date has been set.

Many people attended today’s donation who have helped in this case, including the sheriff of Fairfield county, Will Montgomery, the Chester county coroner and more.

As for the nonprofit, Middleton’s Village to Village Foundation, this vehicle was its 49th donation.

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