Chester Co. Sheriff Set to Open East Region Office

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The Chester County Sheriff’s Office getting ready to open up a new substation in the town of Richburg.

The sheriff says he hopes this will deter crime in the growing community and let citizens know his department is there for them on that side of the county.

The new East Region Office will be located about a mile down Lancaster Highway in Richburg.

Sheriff Max Dorsey says in the area they have a lot of crimes associated with drugs and addiction including an increase in Fentanyl as well as more property crimes.

According to records from the Chester County Sheriff’s Office from November 2019 to November 2020, 460 incidents were reported. That number increased to 581 incidents report from November 2020 until now.

He hopes by having more of a permanent presence in the community, the crimes will decrease.

The new office will also be a place where deputies can dock equipment like body cameras and laptops.

Dorsey says currently deputies who may be on shift in another part of the county have to drive to the sheriff’s office to dock their equipment, adding this will keep them out in the community longer than having to drive back and forth.

The interchange at I – 77 in Richburg is the busiest for the county so increasing their presence in the eastern side is needed.

The grand opening is set for this Thursday at 4:30 PM at the new office located at 2827 Lancaster Highway, Suite A.

Sheriff Dorsey adds they’ve had a ton of community support, even Founders Federal Credit Union purchased their new sign at the substation out front.

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