York’s City Council Has Three New Faces After Tuesday’s Election



YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The unofficial results are in for the City of York’s municipal election. The city council election were seats for districts 1, 5, and 6. One council member did not run for re-election and the other two incumbents were among those who did not get enough support from voters to keep their seats.

The results are in for the city of York’s municipal election.  Three new faces will join city council for districts 1, 5, and 6. Incumbent candidates Steve Love, for district 1 and Denise Lowry, for district 5 were beaten by new candidates Matt Hickey and Charles Brewer. District 6 Councilman Jim Bradford did not run for re-election, that seat was won by Kellie Wine Harrold.

Councilman for District 1, Steve Love. says, “We’re not where we wanted to be, but that doesn’t mean that we’re stopping we’ll still be working with the city and moving forward and trying to move the city forward.”

After serving on York’s council for the last four years – Steve Love says he plans to still stay active. Serving on the council for the last decade Denise Lowry had this to say about learning her time was coming to an end.

Councilwoman for District 5, Denise Lowry, says, “We have really separated and I would just like to see some more cohesiveness .”

Combined those two outgoing council members have more than a decade of service in this community. They congratulate the incoming council members saying that they’re willing to help in any way they can. Now we’re catching up with some of those new council members — who are speaking about their goals for this city.

Incoming District 1 Council Member Matt Hickey says, “So I would say my biggest goals are one being inclusivity and making sure that everyone feels that they are a part of this community.”

Matt Hickey says during this term he wants to focus more on transparency and making sure people know they have a voice. Life-long York resident and incoming council member for district 6, Kellie Wine Harrold says she wants to make sure the city sees smart growth and focuses on small businesses.

“I just really want us to continue to keep our small businesses growing and thriving. I want to help the growth that’s coming be smart and wise and for us to just manage those types of situations very well,” says Harrold.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson who is out in York with more of the results.

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