York Technical College Announces Its New President: Dr. Stacey Moore



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – York Technical College announcing this week it has hired a new president and they didn’t have to look far. This coming after Dr. Greg Rutherford announced his retirement after 14 years this past June.

York Tech announcing its new president is Dr. Stacey Moore. Dr. Moore has been with the college for five years serving as the EVP for Academic and Student Affairs. Now, she says she’s looking forward to continuing a legacy of success.

Incoming President, Dr. Moore says, “Well I am extremely excited about the new role and thrilled. I’m incredibly grateful to be taking this role following Dr. Rutherford and following the incredible legacy of success and accomplishment that he had. I’m the most excited and hopeful because given that foundation, and the success both financial and in terms of student outcome, that the college has achieved, it’s time for us now to really take that moonshot for excellence.”

York Technical College’s first female president, Dr. Moore says she hasn’t thought about that side of her new role as much. She does hope that it sparks inspiration. Dr. Moore says in her first academic year her biggest goal will be student achievement.”

Dr. Moore, saying, “You know student enrollment is always a major, but for us that doesn’t just mean new students that means more and more students walk across the finish line. So we have had a great success over the last several years increasing dramatically the number of students completing college, that’s the critical part. You know enrollment is great in terms of brand new enrollment but completion is the key, that is what makes us successful.”

York Tech’s Area Commission Chair, saying more than 75 people  applied for the role, which she believes speaks to the school’s national reputation. After careful consideration the commission felt Dr. Moore was the best candidate for the position.

Commission Chair, Geri Rucker, saying, “We hope that we can build on the success that the college has already established here with the systems and processes and workforce development that we have in place, we want that to continue going forward. And we feel like Dr. Rutherford having mentored Dr. Moore, is one of the best things that we could hope for in terms of continuing that leadership on into the future.”

“I am incredibly honored to be able to take this on with the teams here. It’s going to be amazing, it’s gonna be hard work but because of the people here it’s gonna be amazing,” says Dr. Moore.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is introducing us to that new president about what she’s hoping to bring to the role.

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