York Dairy Farm Not Concerned About Asian Longhorned Tick, Credits Natural Ways it Protects Livestock

YORK, S.C. (CN2 TODAY) – South Carolina State health leaders concerned about a tick infestation at a York County cattle farm.

South Carolina DHEC is not naming the farm in question, but says a pasture is infested with Asian Long Horned Ticks. The ticks are an invasive species that is not commonly found in the U.S.

Health leaders say bites from these types of ticks have caused severe illnesses in people, animals and livestock in other countries.

DHEC says Unlike other ticks, a single female Asian Longhorned Tick can produce 1,000 to 2,000 eggs at a time without mating.

This means a single animal could host hundreds or thousands of ticks.

CN2 News caught up with Tucker Adkins Dairy in York.

Owners Carolyn and Tommy Adkins say they are not worried about the infestation coming to their farm because of the natural way they protect their more than 60 dairy cows.

What may look like weeds to some, Carolyn says is a variety of herbs she is growing that bring in beneficial bugs, kill flies, as well as keeping insects and ticks at bay.

They add they haven’t had any issues with ticks and their cows.

Tommy says they also have a special type of bird, a guinea fowl – on their farm that also helps control ticks and other types of predators on their land.

Tommy adds to avoid ticks, there are herbal recipes you can use to put on your skin. He says if you’re out in a field or the woods, to always check yourself for ticks.

DHEC says it important to keep in mind there have been no documented cases of disease related to bites from the Asian Longhorned Tick
Next week, DHEC leaders plan to hold a media briefing about the concerns.

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