York County Sheriff’s Office Getting Reports of a New Scam


YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The York County Sheriff’s Office getting reports of a fake acceptance letter to their Citizens Academy.

They say the letter has been floating around on social media, saying that someone has been accepted into the academy and asks for money to help attend through a GoFundMe account.

The York County Sheriff’s Office saying when you get a suspicious notification, you should always:

1. Never React to Suspicious Letters, Notifications Right Away

2. Do Your Homework

3. Cross-Check Letterhead and Logos

The York County Sheriff’s Office says they’ve contacted GoFundMe to stop payments being made to the page.

They also say their citizens academy has been closed since the beginning of COVID-19 and the program is completely free.

They say for more information about the re-opening of the Citizen’s Academy, people can keep an eye out for notifications for the York County Sheriff’s Office.