York County Non-Profit Make Two Wheelchair Van Donations to Families of Children With Special Needs



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) All Things Possible Medical Fundraising a non-profit that raises money to buy handicap accessible vehicles for families is off to a strong start in 2021. This Friday, the organization, donating vehicles to families in need — one, from right here in York County.

A blessing, that’s what 80-year-old Barbara Hodges is calling this wheelchair van donation from All Things Possible. She’s the Great Grandmother of 13-year-old Jaysen Drum, born prematurely with a large growth at the base of his brain resulting in Cerebral Palsy and fluid on the brain. She says getting around safely has been a challenge.

“I’ve been caring for Jaysen since he was six and a half, almost seven years old. And, my daughter got him to raise,…and she died in 2015. And, so from that point he wasn’t getting very good care, so i stepped in and I thought I was gonna have a battle because of my age, but I guess the court judge figured I could do as good a job as any foster care family,” says Hodges.

This is the second van donation that All Things Possible has made in 2021. They say with vans costing nearly $30,000 a piece, they can be a financial burden on families with special needs kids — something this organization is hoping to turn around.

Lisa Sexton, Executive Director of All Things Possible, says, “Families with special needs children have enough extra expenses already. And, typically they’re down one income, because somebody’s got to work while somebody takes care of the child, And so, it makes it incredibly difficult to save enough money to buy a really well used wheelchair van.”

Standing at nearly 5 feet tall, Barbara has trouble lifting Jaysen, who weighs 52 pounds. Now, this newfound accessibility and mobility means everything.

“I knew it was gonna happen because God is so good but, I didn’t know when, I wasn’t expecting it to be today…but thank you Jesus I cant get over it,” says Hodges.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with the family about what the big donation means.

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