York County Library Board loses three seats following York County Council decision

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The York County Library is now waiting for 3 new members to be appointed to the board.

This comes after York County Council recently voted 5 to 2 in favor of restructuring the board from 10 seats down to seven.

That decision also gave each County Council member the power to appoint a person of their choice from their district to the library board.

Many showed up to the recent final hearing for this topic, with public comments being limited to 15 people. All 15 of which spoke for or against the library board restructuring.

While the vote itself only changes the number of board seats for the library, most residents still spent time addressing the relocation of children’s books that some call inappropriate for their sexual content.

The York County Library said previously they are not planning to relocate the children’s books in question to the adult section.

Following public comment on the restructuring of the board each county council member was given time to explain their thoughts before coming to a final vote.

Members shifted the conversation from books back on to the topic of restructuring the library board.

Most of the council agreed the true reason for shrinking the board has to do with the representation of nearly 42,000 residents per district, and not what books are sitting on shelves.

York County Library Director Julie Ward responded to the York County Council decision saying she can’t speculate on why the decision was made.

Ward added she looks forward to working with new members to expand the library’s services for the growing York County Population.

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