York County Library Board Chair speaks out regarding the discussion of books, some call inappropriate

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – The discussion of inappropriate books containing what some people say is content regarding sexuality or gender identity in the children’s section at some York County library branches continues.

The controversy came up earlier in May when Councilman Tom Audette asked for a review of children’s books dealing with gender identity and LGBTQ+ content.

A number of people spoke at County Council last week in support and against the books, but the county council says it does not decide what goes on the shelves of the library.

According to our news partners at WRHI during the most recent York County Library Board meeting the community had a choice to speak, but only two people in support of leaving the books where they are decided to speak.

Tamara Osborne –
York County Library Board Chair

The York County Library Board chair, Tamara Osborne, says the board is aware of the polarization of the topic. “The information we have received has been overwhelmingly in the sense that the public does not want us to move materials and that is based off of petitions and emails that we have received from the public. Now last night there was a small group that did attend the board meeting, but it was not what we received otherwise. I think the public is pretty split on this.” 

Osborne says they are not at a point yet to make a decision.

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