York County Leaders Speaking More About the Annual County Retreat



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) York County leaders share more on capital projects and finances. York County leaders coming together for an annual retreat. Two half-day sessions, discussing initiatives for the year and years ahead. Topics discussed including capital projects like recreation, a satellite animal shelter and discussions about expanding the York County detention center.

York County Manager, David Hudspeth, says, “The animal control we have a facility that’s now about 15 years old, it needs the maintenance but it also needs expansion. So, were looking at expanding that facility and also maybe having a satellite on the eastern side of the county and Fort Mill to help us process adoptions. There’s also discussion about the need to expand our jail facilities. It’s not a need that is pressing this year, but certainly is coming down the road that will have to expand that facility. So we’ve talked a lot about where that might occur and what pace that might occur.”

York County’s finance leader also discussing funds for the projects and what county residents can expect.

Assistant County Manager, Kevin Madden, says, “Were going to set up side what we need for the identified project and if there comes a time where we see a project coming up where we need more funds for that’s when we would increase the millage if necessary to be able to set money aside. The whole idea behind this again as Mr. Hudspeth alluded to you is to make sure we don’t have to incur any additional expenses for our taxpayers to maintain our capital assets or put new capital assets in place.”

Leaders say the county has been very fortunate in the growth its seen, but they say they are working to not growth faster than the growth itself.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with York County leaders with their vision tonight.

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