York County Economic Development Takes a Closer Look at What’s Bringing People to York County



YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – York County leaders are taking inventory of how many people have moved from surrounding counties, states and even countries.

On our social media CN2 asked viewers who’ve moved to York County in the last couple of years about what drew them to the area and where they were coming from. One resident, Jennifer Taylor, moving from Chester County says it was the opportunities for her children that pushed her to move.

“Opportunity for my children was the biggest reason. My daughter has actually been taking dance at New Attitudes Performing Arts Center here in Rock Hill for seven years now. So we’ve been driving three or four days a week. But the thing that brought us here to move, was the International Baccalaureate program that they offer through the school of choice.”

While most responses were people who moved from surrounding counties, several were also from out of state. The latest census data available shows that more than 55,000 have moved to York County in the last 10 years, making York County one of the fastest growing counties in the state. York County Economic Development Direct David Swenson says job opportunities are another big driver.

“Our employment growth is significant — growth overtime at 37%. Business establishments over that period have been over 1,000 new companies, net thousand growth for that 10 year period. So, we see that as a reason to be hopeful and appreciative of what we had here or have going here. We have transformations occurring as well, not only in our community living standards and living affordability here, but also just a whole revitalization of our downtown and attributes related to community growth,” says Swenson.

Although the pandemic has delayed 2020 Census Data, leaders say more people working from home has allowed people who might’ve been considering the area to make the move. York County planners and developers say steps have been taken to keep up with the amount of people moving in.

York County Planning & Development Director Jonathan Buono, saying, “We are currently as required by state law every five years we have to update our comprehensive plan so that’s ongoing right now. And, as a part of that the census data will be really short list so will have a better idea of exactly where population is and where our demographics are and so we’ll add those things to the plan as well.”

To keep up with growth, county planning and development has taken on projects around the county. Economic development leaders say they’re excited about the future as we move out of the COVID world.

“We’re excited. You know, the economy has really picked up, there’s new projects that have interest now. We see the light at the end of the tunnel if you wanna call it post COVID. It’s still gonna take a while to bring those jobs back, we think 2022 will be a strong year, ’23 will be a good year. After that it’s hard to predict — but we’re rolling a good clip here,” says Swenson.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with those leaders and a few people who’ve moved here about what makes York County so attractive.

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