York County Detention Center Adding a Body Scanner to Detect Contraband

Photo Credit: www.yorkcountysheriff.com

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The York County Detention Center purchasing a new body scanner to identify contraband.

The York County Sheriff’s Office Purchased the scanner on May 26, 2020 after the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Safety gave the final approval for the new addition.

The new Intercept Full Body Security Scanning System is manufactured by Tek 84, Incorporated.

The York County Sheriff’s Office saying the made the purchase due to an increase in the facility’s inmates by nearly 30% since 2016. The Sheriff’s Office saying the increase in inmates, increases the likelihood of dangerous contraband being brought into the detention center.

The York County Sheriff’s Offices saying the body scanner will provide a higher level of detection of contraband on an arrested person, before they are placed into a holding cell. They say it will maintain everyone who enters integrity.

“One of our goals at the York County Detention Center is to constantly focus on officer and inmate safety,” said Sheriff Kevin Tolson. “The purchase of this scanner certainly gets us closer to that goal while minimizing risk to both staff and inmates.”

The new body scanner cost $159,430. The York County Sheriff’s Office says 21 South Carolina Department of Correction facilities and at least 6 other sheriff’s offices around the state use a comparable body scanner.

They’re saying the body scanner will be in operation beginning June 29, 2020 or once all required training and inspections are completed.