York County Council calls on public for help in identifying roads in need of resurfacing

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Members of York County Council are preparing to submit their own lists of roadways located in their individual district, that are in need of paving. The list will go to the County’s transportation division for review.

Council members say this is being done to determine which roadways will be repaved using funds gathered from the South Carolina state gasoline tax, also known as C-Funds.

District 4 council member William “Bump” Roddey says narrowing down the list of priorities is necessary as paving costs are up to $1-million per mile, and resurfacing request brought to the Council currently total more than $10-million. That’s why Councilman Roddey is calling on the people he serves for help in identifying roadways which could use an update.

“Try to make an impact in a community over a couple years, with such limited funds we can’t pave every road,” Roddey said. “But the last two years recently we’ve seen an extra bump-up in C-Funds, so we’re able to use a little bit more money.”

He adds one roadway project that is getting the resurfacing treatment in his district in the Spring of 2024, will be the portion of Crawford Road located between Heckle Boulevard and Ogden Road, as it was selected in 2022 to benefit from gathered C-Funds.

The Councilman encourages anyone who knows of a road in need of repair to reach out to your County Council representative, or just contact the York County Engineering Division at 803-818-5764.

All roadway prospects will be submitted to the Transportation Division this coming Wednesday for review and to begin the selection process.

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