York County Animal Shelter Deals With an Overpopulation of Dogs

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) This after two major cases where law enforcement officers had to seize dozens of dogs and hand them over to York County Animal Control.  The cases are separate — one happened in McConnells, and the other happened in Clover.  Yet both cases had a common theme – the Police reports describe inhumane conditions for dogs.

In Clover, the York County Animal Shelter seized 56 dogs from Maxwell Drive in Clover.  Marty Lee Jones, 66, is charged with animal cruelty.  The police report says the home was infested with fleas, bugs and feces.  It also says the animals suffered from skin conditions and hair loss.

“How do you feed 56 dogs, how do you bathe 56 dogs?” Lori Dease has lived in the neighborhood for a year, and says she never imagined Jones had so many dogs.

“All of us have fleas really, really bad, uncontrollable fleas, and now we find out where they’re coming from,” said Dease.

The dogs were taken to the York County Animal Shelter and then dispersed to local rescue groups.  This helped with issues of overpopulation, since the shelter is already dealing with 42 dogs that arrived from McConnells two weeks ago.  The York County Sheriff’s Office says it’s suspected those dogs were involved in a dog fighting operation.

“We would love to have adopters for dogs or cats, if you have room in your home for them. If you’re not in the place for that, we welcome fosters,” says animal control supervisor Bobbie Comer.


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