Why are Young People Getting into Terrorism?

Why are young people turning to Terrorism?

That’s the question in the wake of  a York teenager saying that was his plan.
according to authorities at the age of only 16 – he plotted to kill U-S Military Soldiers, flee to the middle east and join the terrorist group ISIS.
CN2’s Renee O’Neil talking the experts on what would cause someone to want to hurt innocent people


Dr. Van Aller adding one major concern isn’t only that these terrorists are going to join ISIS and fight in the Middle east – but even more scary is if they plan to return and bring their training back to the US.
The York teen – who authorities won’t give any information about – including what school he attended – is being held at the Department of Juvenile Justice where he could stay until his 21st Birthday. He was only charged in South Carolina for having the gun under age. terrorism is a federal offense.


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