What’s Happening In York, Clover: Will You Be Required To Wear A Mask?

YORK, S.C. — The City of York recently voted on an emergency mask ordinance requirement for the city.

Although council voted four to three, for the emergency ordinance, that was not enough votes for the emergency ordinance to pass.

Council did hear a first reading on a regular ordinance that would require people to wear a mask in a retail or restaurant establishment.

The proposal will be voted on at the council’s next meeting on Monday, July 20th. If passed, it’ll go into effect that Tuesday at 7 a.m.

“I’m a guy that believes it’s all going to be okay, however, I do believe this is going to last a long, long time. This mandate will not be, its not a 60-day mandate in other words, it’s going to be a regular ordinance,” Mayor Mike Fuesser said. “There is an end date to it should the emergency declaration and then I believe this ordinance would automatically end, but I think it’s going to go on for a long long time.”

The ordinance would carry a civil fine of $25 for those who do not wear a mask in those public spaces.

Mayor Fuesser did say the council also extended the emergency ordinance, allowing them to continue to meet virtually over the next 60 days.

Clover’s town council also discussed the possibility of an ordinance that would require face coverings in public places, but the vote on that ordinance failed 5 to 2.

Mayor Greg Holmes presented a resolution, which did pass, urging citizens to continue wearing masks in public and encouraging businesses to enforce face coverings inside their establishments.

Mayor Holmes says Clover has seen more than 200 cases of COVID-19 and he believes Clover’s community needed an extra push to continue to follow recommended guidelines.

“I hope to see more businesses take the step of making it mandatory if you go inside their business,” Mayor Holmes said. “I understand that we do you have a family dollar store in Clover that has already done that, it’s a lot of feedback positive or negative, but I definitely appreciate family dollar is taking that step already.”

Mayor Holmes adds he hopes the new resolution will encourage the community to continue to take COVID-19 seriously and follow health guidelines.