Water Rescue Training To Keep First Responders Safe, Prepared When Saving Others

YORK COUNTY,S.C. — Its the time of year people are out on the water, whether it’s to kayak, paddle board or take a swim.

But with that – comes accidents. And just like swimmers or boaters, even experts who do the rescues can never be too careful.

Many of those rescues can be very dangerous, so while swimmers need to take safety precautions, so do rescuers and first responders.

That’s why instructors with Carolina Dive & Rescue and Rescue Training Specialties recently trained area law enforcement agencies on the Catawba River on how to prepare themselves to save others.

In the video above, CN2’s Sarah Obeid puts on a life jacket and takes a ride on a jet ski to learn more about the training program.

She’ll tell you about some of the techniques rescuers use and safety tips to keep you injury-free on your next water adventure.

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