Wall That Heals: Traveling Vietnam Memorial visits Rock Hill

More special stories emerging as veterans and residents visit the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Wall that Heals. The Wall will be in Rock Hill through Sunday and is open for 24 hours until it closes Sunday at 2 PM.

So far thousands have come out to pay tribute to the names on the wall and often people have very personal stories.
Like Jerry Strong who arrived in Vietnam in 1966. He was there looking for his TAC officer who was killed when he was 23 years old. Strong says he never forgot the young man.

Buddy Reid donated the wreath from his mother’s funeral so it could be displayed at the wall. Reid says his mom joined the marines during World War II at a time when very few women enlisted. He says even though his mom died in 2016 he knows she would have been honored to have her wreath displayed.

The Wall That Heals is located on the soccer fields beside the BMX Track in the Riverwalk area.

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