Victory Sports Giving Kids A Try at Different Sports

FORT MILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Fort Mill First Baptist is holding a camp that teaches kids how to play many different sports.

Victory Sports Outreach, a ministry created by Greg and Mia Pendarvis who live in Fort Mill, recently held a Fort Mill Camp where kids were able to learn and play various different kind of sports such as volleyball, soccer, and many more.

Though they were learning about different sports they did get a chance to cool off by having the Fort Mill Fire Department come by and hose them down.

Victory Sport Adult Leader Amanda Scott said, “Victory sports is a great place for any kiddo to start . . . I just think it’s an opportunity for all people to take advantage of, victory doesn’t discriminate.”
Kendall Crossley, a Victory Sports Student Leader, said, “It was really fun and kinda exciting to see kids who have never played volley ball before and prove over the four days and now they get to do a scrimmage tomorrow and that’s gonna be fun to watch.”

While this camp is coming to an end you can find more information at their website to see when they will be holding their next camp.

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