VET 360 Program Aims to Connect Veterans to Community Resources

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – A York County U.S. Army Veteran who is legally blind can now access his home safely after receiving a new deck and ramp.

He is just one of the hundreds veterans the VET 360 program has helped through partnering with area organizations.

For United States Army Veteran, Roy Ives capturing memories has been his passion.

“I went into service in 1977”, says Ives.

He served as a photographer in the Army, snapping shots of good times and bad times.

“My dad told me if I go in, learn something I can use if I don’t stay in”, says Ives.

After retiring from the service, he noticed his eyes were not working like before.

“They had you look at that device where you read off the numbers, half of them were gone”, says Ives.

Roy isn’t isn’t one to complain, he has a peaceful life as he works to support other veterans regardless of his sight. But when his deck needed repair, he needed help.

“I just put my heel through the board”, says Ives.

That’s when he found out about the VET 360 program with York County Veterans Affairs. Veteran Service Officer and Director, Melinda Woodhurst says they program aims to connect veterans to community resources to get them back on their feet.

“If we can address the source of cause, we can help that veteran and their family get back to stable living”, says Woodhurst.

And that’s what they did for Roy. Teaming up with Habitat for Humanity and other organizations, Roy now has a new deck and ramp.

“Now when I get out of a vehicle without getting dropped off, and just walk onto the ramp and right in with no worries”, says Ives.

Bill Marsh is with the Veterans Bridge Home Program. He too works with Melinda to make sure veterans are connected.

“We are just here to support them, to let them know the resources are out there if they need help”, says Marsh.

A veteran himself, Marsh says he lost everything during the recession in 2008. He and his son ended up homeless in a tent. After getting a job, he got back on his feet. Now he makes it his mission to help other veterans in need.

“We are all in it together and when we see one of our veterans struggling we want to help them”, says Marsh.

Melinda Woodhurt with York County Veterans Affairs and Bill Marsh with Veterans Bridge Home say a huge concern with veterans is affordable housing.

Even finding a home even when you have an income, it is difficult.

Bill Marsh is encouraging employers who have veterans as staff members to reach out to Veterans Bridge Home to see how they can support those veterans and keep them working.

He is also asking landlords to look at taking away the application fee for rentals for veterans, adding some are just a pay check away from losing everything and can’t afford it.

To learn more about Veterans Bridge Program visit: or call (855) 425-8838.

To learn more about the VET 360 Program and how you can donate, call Melinda Woodhurst at 803-909-7525 or email

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