Two Young Rock Hill Entrepreneurs Become Finalists In State Competition

ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) — They’ve created their own business, product and global marketing plan and they’re only in middle school.

Two middle schoolers, Bella Sherer and Ella Summers, were among 5 semi-finalists in the South Carolina Young Entrepreneurs Competition.

The two say the love to hike and camp, so they created what they’re calling the “Bella/Ella Bed”, a bed you can easily pack and travel with on an outdoor adventure. Their teacher says she wanted to give her students a project that would challenge their creativity and she’s proud of how far it’s taken them.

Olivia Gregory, Westminster Catawba Christian School teacher, said, “We had to do a project for school to make some things, so we decided that we both like to camp.”

Bella Sherer, 6th Grader, Westminster Catawba Christian School, adds, “I think that it’s been a great experience for them to think about developing a product and what entrepreneurship could look like in one of the video submissions that they made. They talked about I think one of the girls said it’s a lot harder than it looks to come up with a product…”

Ella Summers , 8th Grader, Westminster Catawba Christian School, said, “We wanted to actually create a bed and sell them and if that would happen, that would be a cool experience for us.”

The girls say the project taught them a lot about the importance of working together to create an innovative idea.