Two Rock Hill Teens Appearing in Court for Double Murder Charges



ROCK HILL, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Two teens appearing in court on this Wednesday. Each charged with two counts of murder for a double homicide in Rock Hill earlier this year,  January 23rd.

18-year-olds Jon’tarius Reid and Kelvin Barnette both appearing in Rock Hill courts on this Wednesday after both were charged with two counts of murder for deaths on Byars Street this past January.

Rock Hill Police Detective Rob Smith, says, ” I do think it’s important and I know it’s difficult when the families get down here, sometimes they struggle when they get here, so just in case they cant express it themselves…this was one of their friends, and he was involved in their murder and we ask that you deny his bond today.”

Both Rock Hill teens bond denied for the double murders of 17-year-old Zyon Minton and 18-year-old Digarian Foster. The victims family members having an emotional day in court, speaking up for their loved ones.

One victim’s mother saying, “And I’m not the type of person that seeks vengeance, or an eye for an eye, evil for evil, I’m not that type of person. But I want justice for my son. And I hate for another mother to lose a child but I lost mines over something senseless and foolishness.”

Again, both bonds were denied in court on this Wednesday. The families of the victims appearing in court saying they will continue to do so, continuing to make their voices heard.

Both Rock Hill teens taken into Rock Hill Police custody yesterday, Tuesday.
In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson in court for these young people’s bond hearings.