Tri-County’s Undocumented Immigrants Fear ICE Raids, Deportation

YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) Amid rumors of potential ICE raids, undocumented immigrants living in the tri-county are fearing deportation.

“Deportations have always been happening, but the way the administration is carrying itself,” says Laura Salinas, a DACA recipient, “That’s what is more frightening.”

Salinas works with the Carolina Immigrant Alliance giving legal advice to undocumented immigrants in York County.  The organization partners with the Oakland Baptist Church, and is headed by executive director Blake Hart.

“That’s just a way for immigrants to understand their basic rights,” said Hart, who holds workshops for immigrants explaining their legal rights.

Hart says there often different immigration statuses within a family, explaining that one parent can be undocumented, and another could have a residency card.

“The threat of these sort of increased ice raids is not just a tool for getting people who don’t need to be here out, but it would have devastating effects on families,” said Hart on potential ICE raids and deportations.

There is an ICE office at the Moss Justice Center. The PIO for the York County Sheriff’s Office, Trent Faris, said they have not heard of anything specific about raids happening in the area, adding that the sheriff’s office does not make street arrests for immigration laws.

We reached out to Congressman Ralph Norman, who is in Washington this week, and he sent us this statement:

“This particular enforcement is intended specifically for people who have active orders of deportation issued by an immigration judge.  In other words, these are people who (A) entered our country unlawfully, (B) who have already had their day in court, and (C) have had a judge determine they should be removed.  Let me be clear: lawful immigration has countless benefits to our nation.  But we have a right to know who (and what) enters our nation, and to ensure though who come here have complied with our laws.” — Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-5)


Norman’s office also said for safety reasons, ICE does not normally provide his office information on planned activity ahead of time, and that agencies closely guard the information until after any operations are complete.





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