Town of Clover Starts New Utility Assistance Program



CLOVER, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The Town of Clover launching its “Love Your Neighbor” water bill assistance program. The program will raise funds for those that need financial help with their monthly water bills from water customers who choose to add a fixed, monthly donation to their own bill.

Donated funds will be transferred to a special account that will provide assistance to those in need.

February is a month where people show love and appreciation for one another. Now,  Clover is providing that opportunity among more people in the community.

Allison Harvey,  Town of Clover manager, says, “How can we start a program and help those…help our customers who are in financial assistance? Whether it’s through my job loss or as we’re seeing this last year, through pandemic and all of that. Because, we know that they is struggle out there, and I wanted to create an easy way for our citizens to donate to citizens to need more financial assistance.

Helping nearly 300 household here in Clover each month, since the start of the pandemic, town leaders say that Clover Area Assistant Center is an essential part of this new program.

Karen Van Vierssen Clover Area Assistance Executive Director says the center spend on average $5,000 each year on utility assistance for those in need. Since the start of the pandemic they reached that number in just 6 months. She says she’s excited about what the “Love Your Neighbor” program will mean.

“And what they are and trusting us with is to do the screening and a bit of the vetting to make sure that they need actually exist and that these funds that are interested into the town are now going to where they need to go,” says Van Vierssen.

“Clover is the town with love in the middle, so you do a rally around and very well. We rise to the occasion, time after time. So, I’m really excited about this program and I know that will have a lot of customers that we want to be able to participate financially and that will have a lot of customers that will feel this love from their neighbors and get financial assistance when they need it,” says Harvey.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with Clover’s leaders about the need in the community.

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