The York School District Getting $25,000 to Help Families Achieve Financial and Employment Stability




YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – It’s a sizable grant that could help change the lives of York County families. The United Way of York County is giving the York School District $25,000 towards its adult education courses in partnership with York Technical College.

York School District is working with York Technical college to offer adult learners a special Microsoft Office Certification course. This is the second year the district has offered the program it helps adults master Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office tools. Leaders say many have already seen the benefits of completing the course.

York School District’s Coordinator of Special Projects, Lisa Spangler, says, “We were actually surveyed recently and we found that two were promoted within the jobs that they had and three that were unemployed are now employed. So, for those families that means added income, that means moving onward financial stability which is the goal of the United Way.”

Leaders say this 15-week course can help families achieve financial stability and even break generational cycles.

James Jeter with the United Way of York County says, “Generational poverty is real and many families across our community are really in that cycle. And so, this program really allows a family to start breaking or cutting that cycle right? We are allowing the parent to develop skills, so their children are watching.”

Seeing the impacts of the pandemic, the United Way of York County donating $25,000 to support the district’s program. Leaders say by 2030 they hope to help 3,000 York County families achieve financial stability.

Jeter says, “And so, for us it was ‘how do we create opportunities that will prevent the next loss?'”

York Tech’s leaders say, “…we are excited to offer training opportunities in the community to empower families to find sustainable employment….” York School district leaders say this year’s course will offer dual certifications.

“People who are participating and who are successful will achieve a Microsoft Office certification as well as a customer service certificate. So, it’s an opportunity to earn two different avenues — both that blend together and will enable them to become more employable,” says Spangler.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with York School District and United Way leaders about this newer opportunity.

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