The Voice of the Panthers Visits Rock Hill and More Sports Headlines

The York County Regional Chamber holding its Power Luncheon featuring guest speaker Mick Mixon.

Mixon is the voice of the Carolina Panthers. He is the only non-official to be inducted into the Atlantic Coast Conference Football Officials Association.

Mixon explains the emotions he feels when football season starts, “Ever since I was a little kid all I wanted to be was a sports broadcaster. I get so excited when it’s the pregame and the stadium comes to life and we sign our radio network on. I feel as close to what I think Cam Newton or Luke Kuechly or Greg Olson might feel like or Ron Rivera as close as a 150 pound, 60 year old man can feel to what it might be like to a player or coach. That’s how I feel in the booth.”

Aside from some funny stories, Mixon came to speak on the importance of the Panther’s success on the field and in effectively marketing the team across the globe.

The Carolina Panthers are coming off a three game losing streak right now.

The team will travel to Tampa Florida on Sunday, December 2nd to play the Buccaneers.