The Chester County Sheriff’s Office and County Council Consider Installing New Safety Cameras



CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – County Council recently holding a workshop, involving the Chester County Sheriff’s Office, to discuss installing safety cameras around the county to help combat crime. Law enforcement officers say these cameras would help them get key vehicle information, like tag numbers.

Chester County Council has been working with the Sheriff’s Office considering adding cameras around that county, to help lessen crimes.

Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey, says, “When we think about using cameras to assist us in our capacity as law enforcement officers, it’s really a force multiplier — it’s really the opportunity to use existing technology to help us do our jobs better.”

The Sheriff’s Office is looking to install cameras through a security company, like Rekor Systems, who they heard from at the recent County Council workshop.

Rekor Systems’ Executive Vice President, Charles Degliomini, says, “The vehicles have a good look at the roadway and for the Sheriff’s use and purposes, the video screen — we read it, we look at identifiable data. So we match that up with a hot list, which is provided by the state and local authorities and we match up the wanted vehicles. So hypothetically if there’s an amber alert going through the county, the police department will know where that vehicle is at any particular time.”

Sheriff’s Dorsey says he’d like to see 12 cameras installed in key areas around the county including the JA Cochran Bypass. He says the cameras will help law enforcement monitor vehicle activity and could help them with case leads.

Sheriff Dorsey says, “When there is no eye witness to a crime, when there’s no forensic evidence to a crime, then we’re really left in the dark. And so, this just gives us a fighting chance, it puts us in a better position.”

These leaders say safety is the ultimate goal.

“I want the community to be as comfortable as possible about the deployment of these cameras. These cameras are not going to be used to spy on people — and my goal is to really use that technology to help us be in a better position, reduce crime and to make Chester safer,” says Sheriff Dorsey.

In the video above, CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with Chester County and security leaders about what the camera installation effort would mean for the community.


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