Tender Hearts Ministries Opening its First Homeless Shelter for Men




YORK, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – Tender Hearts Ministries is putting the final touches on its new Men’s Shelter. This will be the first men’s shelter in the City of York.

After serving the York County community for nearly 20 years with homeless shelters for women and children, Tender Hearts Ministries is taking on a new frontier, a men’s shelter — Men’s House of Hope. This new Men’s Shelter is the first of its kind in the City of York and leaders say has been a need in the community for some time.

Tender Hearts Ministries Founder, Ainslee Moss, says, “You know there are dad’s out there that are homeless, there are single men out there that are homeless they deserve our help too.”

The shelter can house up to 16 men at a time and leaders say the goal is to help these men get back on their feet, support their families and contribute to the community.

Moss shares, “We’re going to be able to bring these gentlemen in and within 24 hours we’re going to access them and find out what their basic needs are.”

Tender Hearts Ministries David Kunde has been appointed to help guide the men in the shelter.

“This isn’t what I would call a bed and breakfast. they’re not just coming in here and getting a bed to get out of the cold,” says Kunde.

Shelter leaders say Tender Hearts Ministries 9-month program will allow these men new opportunities that will help them move their lives forward.

Kunde says, “They will be able to have a vehicle, money in the bank, to have their own place. If they’re married we hope to work with them to reconcile, if they have children we hope to work with them to help them mend those relationships, if that’s possible. So it could really mean a huge life change for these men.”

Leaders say they want these men in need to, “Just to feel loved and feel like they have hope and give them a purpose in life and it was just exciting to me to say hey the 21st we’re going to be able to make this dream a reality and we’re going to be able to invite men in,” says Moss.

In the video above,CN2’s Rachel Richardson is speaking with Tender Hearts leaders about how the new shelter will serve the community.


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