Taylor Swift tickets from StubHub fall through, leaving girls devastated

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) – You’ve likely seen plenty of pictures of happy people going to Atlanta this past weekend for the Taylor Swift concert. However, for one Chester County family their trip to Atlanta only ended in disappointment.

Back in December, Sherry Self surprised her daughters with “Taylor Swift” tickets as a Christmas gift. One of her girls has down syndrome and mom says she really doesn’t understand why their gift didn’t come through.

The family bought four tickets through StubHub for $1,700 and they received a confirmation email. Self says they were told they would get their tickets within 48 hours of the show. However, as time grew closer to the concert the family grew concerned as they had yet to receive their tickets. They reached out to StubHub, only to be told they were no longer available.

Sherry White Self

Self, spoke to CN2 about how she feels about the situation. “We didn’t you know get them through a scalper off the side of the road. We went online and went to a reputable company we thought. Here we are good, we have four tickets confirmed. I mean who would think they didn’t have tickets confirmed through StubHub. And when you get there and you have incurred all these expenses to go to a concert, it was their Christmas gift and they have been anticipating this day for four months, to be let down and told 24 hours in advance that we have no tickets.”


Email sent from StubHub

The email from StubHub says, “We apologize but unfortunately your seller is not able to provide the tickets you originally purchased”.

The family was offered a full refund including a $200 voucher for their next ticket purchase but are out the hotel money and the family still doesn’t know what happened to their original tickets and are beyond frustrated.

CN2 News has put a call out to StubHub but are still waiting on a call back.



We also reached out to the Better Business Bureau who shared some tips here:             BBB Tip: What to know about buying tickets from an online reseller

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